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What Other Cruise Lines Does Carnival Own?

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Can you name all 10 cruise brands owned by Carnival Corp?

Did you know that cruise lines owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC carry over 11.5 million passengers a year on more than 100 cruise ships?

That’s a lot of vacations.  But you may not recognize that a total of 10 cruise line brands fall under the Carnival Corporation umbrella.

It can be a little confusing trying to sort out which company owns which cruise lines, so this post will answer what other cruise lines are owned by the parent company of Carnival Corporation & PLC.

Carnival Cruise Line

The most recognizable of Carnival’s brands, Carnival Cruise Line currently has 26 ships in operation.   The line was founded in 1972, and today carries about 5 million guests per year.    This is also one of the company’s most economical cruise

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