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This Cruise Line Matches Your Loyalty Status from Other Cruise Lines/Hotels

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One of the best perks of cruising with the same cruise line is moving up the loyalty ranks.  This gets you awesome perks every time you step on board one of their cruise ships.

From priority boarding to discounts and freebies, it’s no wonder why so many cruisers sail on just one cruise line.

However, there is one cruise line that will match your loyalty status.  MSC Cruises will not only match your loyalty status with other cruise lines, but also hotel and tour operators (no airlines). This is how it works.

In order to qualify for MSC’s Status Match program, you must apply no later than 7 days before your cruise start date.  You will need to allow up to 4 – 7 business days for your status match request to be completed.  MSC Cruises will match your currently

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