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Incredible Carnival Cruise Ship That Was Never Built

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As cruise lines continue to build amazing cruise ships, there was one project by Carnival Cruise Line that is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.

Around 2004, Carnival Cruise Line began working on a new class of cruise ships, Project Pinnacle.  The cruise ship prototype from Project Pinnacle was so far ahead of its time, that many of the features are still are not found on cruise ships.

Here is a look at the features found on Carnival’s Project Pinnacle that would have made them the most incredible cruise ships at sea.

The cruise ships would have been over 200,000 gross tons in size, by far the largest in the world at the time. To date, the largest cruise ship built by Carnival comes in at 133,500 gross tons. The ships would carry over 5,000 passengers each.

Since the

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