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New Cruise Ships Under Construction/On Order for 2018-2026

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Cruise lines have a record number of cruise ships on order over the next ten years with the major cruise lines having over 40 new ships to enter service by 2026.

Here is a list of the mainstream cruise lines and the cruise ships that each one has either under construction or on order.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line has the more cruise ships in their fleet (25) than any other cruise line in the world.  Carnival has four ships on the order block over the next five years including the largest in their fleet.

Carnival Horizon (2018) 133,500 GT, 4,200 passengers Carnival Panorama (2019)  133,500 GT, 4,200 passengers LNG Powered Ship (2020)  180,000 GT, 6,600 passengers 2nd LNG Powered Ship (2022)  180,000 GT, 6,600 passengers Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Edge (2018) 129,500 GT, 2,918 passengers Celebrity Beyond (2020) 129,500 GT, 2,918 passengers 3rd

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