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Top Cruises for Active Travelers

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One of the best things about a cruise vacation is that there is something out there to suit any mood or style. While cruising is mostly associated with relaxation and a casual pace, certain cruises are ideal for active travelers.

If you’re not the type of cruiser who is satisfied with buffet- and booze-filled lazy days onboard or strolling ashore and plopping down at a beach in port, we can show how to best select an active cruise that you will love.

Pick Your Itinerary

Cruise destinations such as the Galapagos, Antarctica and the Arctic are filled with days of adventure. You wouldn’t sail to these locations without expecting to be plenty active, whether hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking or taking skiff tours to spot wildlife in exotic and pristine surroundings.

Pick Your Ship

You can be plenty

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