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Cruises To Grand Cayman, 4 Things To Do In Port

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Grand Cayman has become a favorite port of many cruisers including myself.  This small island in the Western Caribbean offers everything from world class shopping to the one of a kind Stingray City.

There can be as many as 16,000 cruise passengers a day in Grand Cayman.  The only drawback to the port is that the ships can not dock and passengers much take tenders to the port.  If you are taking a cruise to Grand Cayman and looking for something to do while in port, here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

Stingray City

The Stingray City Sandbar is the most popular attraction in the Caymans.  This unique experience begins with a short boat ride out to a shallow sandbar.

As you disembark the boat and stand in 3-4 feet of water, you will soon be surrounded

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