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7 Cruise Ship Features That Changed the Way We Cruise

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Cruise ships have slowly evolved over the past several decades and now offer more features and amenities than ever before. Here are seven cruise ship features that have changed the way we cruise.

Balcony Cabins – Just over 20 years ago, the choice in cruise ship cabins was primarily between ocean view or inside staterooms.  Cabins with balconies were few and far between and were often only found in the most expensive suites.  Now, a large majority of cruisers will only cruise if they have a balcony stateroom.

All new cruise ships built in this day and age are loaded with balcony cabins.  80% of the cabins on the new Royal class ships from Princess Cruises have balconies.  When it comes to Viking Ocean Cruises, every single stateroom on their three cruise ships come with a private balcony.

Pool Deck TVs

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