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Celebrity Cruises Announces $400 Million in Cruise Ship Upgrades

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Celebrity Cruises has announced a $400 million plan to modernize every cruise ship in their fleet.

This Celebrity Revolution will take place between 2019 and 2023 and will see new modern designs for all staterooms.

New re-imagined Aquaclass staterooms New renovated oceanview staterooms New redesigned inside staterooms New improved Signature staterooms New re-conceived Reflection Suites

Brian Abel, Vice President of Hotel Operations at Celebrity Cruises, said that the cruise line isn’t just redesigning the staterooms, but tearing them down and building them back up.  He went on to say that the “incredible new design by BG Studios is sleek, contemporary and comfortable, and speaks volumes about our commitment to the guest experience”.

The new staterooms will feature 11,579 new Cashmere Mattresses and Bedding Collection. They will also be thoughtfully reconfigured to maximize storage and efficiency.

The suite life will get

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