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5 Cruise Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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The point of a vacation is to get away, relax, and make memories, right? If you make these mistakes, your next cruise might include some headaches. Here are some insider tips for how to easily avoid the most common blunders.

1. Relaxing weekend cruises

Chances are really good that there are no such cruises! The weekend jaunts to the Caribbean, Bahamas, and other tropical ports are the favorite trips for twenty-somethings and singles. What this means is nonstop parties. So if you’re looking for the ‘relaxing’ part, book a longer itinerary.

2. Relaxing school holiday cruises

If you don’t have children, cruises during traditional school holiday breaks will be…let’s say ‘active’! Up to thirty percent of passengers in the summer can be energetic young people. For a standard 3,000-passenger ship – well, you can see bunches of happy kids and

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